OMENG (1998-2006)

by Ederlinda Musngi/Written in 2006

I may be weird to say, but this dog has always been one of my inspirations in life. She has also been with me in good and bad times for nearly 8 years now. She was nothing but a blessing to me.


In 1999, the year when my Uncle and Grandma passed away and we were in the time of mourning, God gave us a wonderful blessing, Omeng.

Omeng was one of my cousin’s newly born puppies. She has been ours by accident. Because we had no dog at that time, we asked our cousin to give us one after her dog gave birth. In our hometown, it has been customary to give away a dog to those who ask for it. Dogs in our town are valued. They are of big help to drive away burglars. The dog’s barking is some kind of advance information that somebody is arriving.

All the puppies were given away except the glossy, fine, velvet black furred pup, Omeng, which in some details, we do not know who really owns. My uncle and my cousin’s only sister both liked the puppy and there was a squabble over who would own. After all the other puppies had been given away and Omeng was alone, my cousin’s family were most of the time disturbed because of her cries especially during night time. She would lament over and over with high pitch sounds that were ear damaging. They had had enough on Omeng and hastily, they decided to give her up to us after a couple of days.

We were so excited to have her. As a puppy, Omeng was very playful, charming and loving – qualities that make her so lovable and attractive to us and to those who see her. To the present, the brown dots that move above her strange and shallow brown eyes are like a pair of sunglasses to her face and her big fat belly coated with shiny black hairy hide was a size of a pig ready for slaughter. When summed up, she looks like an awful and repulsive wolf spotting a prey and threatening to jump over to the impression of our visitors. We sometimes call her lazy or piggy.

Though she is just an ordinary dog, she is teachable and intelligent. When my father sleeps during siesta time underneath the mango tree, few steps from our house, she would follow and sleep next to him. She has this habit of always sleeping underneath our dining table or stairs, and would just rise to eat or when there are visitors, to display her appalling appearance and threatening look. As soon as the visitors get accommodated, she would simply sit beside us as if listening to the conversation, then eventually fall asleep again to our lap as her pillow. She was taught by my father to behave in single pointing of index finger together with a censuring sound of hmmmmm….

When we are eating, she would just stand by and wait to be given even a little piece of food. Sometimes she would sit to the nearest chair available and would just wait. She wouldn’t seize a food if she see something unless it is put into her mouth, she would take it gently.

At night, she would exert all efforts to get in and sleep with us. She can’t fight it when she feels sleepy but wait till she hears my father yelling and pretending angry in calling her, she would come gently and shyly with a head that almost touches the ground. The reason why my father is so proud of her is because no matter what this dog is doing, be it feeding her pups or sleeping she would get up and come right away when called. Each time we go home, she welcomes us with a face full of excitement and playful gesture, that seems to say, she missed us and is so glad to see us again.

Our treatment to Omeng is much like a family member, we talk to her like we do to a person. When we want her to refine her manners, we would tell her so and to our surprise after a couple of days, she would do as she was told. She is a blessing to us. Some people after finding out her traits, feel envious and they too, want to raise a dog like her.

Tragedy happened two years ago when she got involved in an accident twice. The first one happened a couple of days after she had just given birth. She went to our neighbor’s house and when she was chased her breast got hooked in the barbed wire fence. She lost liters of blood and almost died that time. She never wanted to eat. Had she not been treated by my father’s friend who is a veterinarian, she could have been long gone. The second tragedy was when she unconsciously chased our neighbor’s dog out of our fence. She was badly hit by an oncoming speeding automobile. If she wasn’t fat, she wouldn’t roll away to roadside and escaped being entirely rolled over. She was nearly crippled after the accident but tried her best to recover. After a few months, she got back to normal state but unfortunately, had a miscarriage.

As I stare at this creature, I learned that dogs are loyal and obedient to their masters no matter what happens. They are always there to protect and make sure that nothing would ever touch their masters. Chided and hurt sometimes but they are forgiving without questions. They are loving without strings attached. And to me, those should be the characters found in a life of true Christian.

Today, Omeng gave birth a week ago to two puppies – male and female. The male resembles the first dog given to us which died a month ago, and the female exactly looks like Omeng, the dog everybody loves.


A friend is someone with whom you can be completely who you are and still be accepted and loved.

Friendship is a very complicated matter. It takes risks because it involves revelation of oneself without ever knowing if this revelation will ever be kept. It dares our trusts and foundation. However, revelation of oneself comes naturally when a person finds a good and comfortable home in the company and nurturance of a true friend. It is the attitude of indifference that closes the door of friendship.

Interestingly, when lovers have a quarrel they can patch up things naturally as feelings of love is the driving force. However, when friends fall to a certain conflict in their relationship, unless the love and trust is stronger than hatred, they could simply drift apart.